The Finality Of Death 12.27.15
Audio The Finality Of Death 12.27.15
Video Speak From Finality 12.20.15
Audio Speak From Finality 12.20.15
Video Life Is Only In The Spirit 12.13.15
Audio Life Is Only In The Spirit 12.13.15
Video How To Handle The Flesh 12.06.15
Audio How To Handle The Flesh 12.06.15
Video Self Life Profits Nothing 11.29.15
Audio Self Life Profits Nothing 11.29.15
Video The Challenge Of Flesh 11.22.15
Audio The Challenge Of Flesh 11.22.15
Video Positioned 11-15-15
Audio Positioned 11-15-15
Video Changing Position Changes Our Condition 11.08.15
Audio Changing Position Changes Our Condition 11.08.15
Video The Gospel Is All About Partaking 11.01.15
Audio The Gospel Is All About Partaking 11.01.15
Video The Gospel Is About A Person 10-26-15
Audio The Gospel Is About A Person 10-26-15

Gleanings From Abraham And Lot Series
Video The Gospel Is About Promises 10-19-15
Audio The Gospel Is About Promises 10-19-15
Video Emotional Rescue 10-11-15
Audio Emotional Rescue 10-11-15
Video Gospel Is Covenant Of Promise 10-04-15
Audio Gospel Is Covenant Of Promise 10-04-15
Video Wrestling With God's Will? 09-27-15
Audio Wrestling With God's Will? 09-27-15

Video If The Lord Is Willing 09-20-15
Audio If The Lord Is Willing 09-20-15
Video Not Knowing Yet Fulfilling 09-13-15
Audio Not Knowing Yet Fulfilling 09-13-15
Video Rejoice Always? 09-06-15
Audio Rejoice Always? 09-06-15
Video We Don't Always Know The Path 08-30-15
Audio We Don't Always Know The Path 08-30-15
Video Hearing Done Mixed With Faith 08-23-15
Audio Hearing Done Mixed With Faith 08-23-15
Video Done Pt.2 (A Call To Faith) 08-16-15
Audio Done Pt.2 (A Call To Faith) 08-16-15
Video Done! Called To A Finished Work 08-09-15
Audio Done! Called To A Finished Work 08-09-15
Video Being Called To Promise Pt2 08-02-15
Audio Being Called To Promise Pt2 08-02-15
Video Being Called To Promise 07-26-15
Audio Being Called To Promise 07-26-15
Video Be Being Called 07-19-15
Audio Be Being Called 07-19-15
Video Religion Aborts Life In Christ 07-12-15
Audio Religion Aborts Life In Christ 07-12-15

Sowing And Reaping Series
Video What You Sow You Grow Pt2 06-28-15
Audio What You Sow You Grow Pt2 06-28-15
Video What You Sow You Grow 06-21-15
Audio What You Sow You Grow 06-21-15
Video Manifesting From Already Done 06-14-15
Audio Manifesting From Already Done 06-14-15 

New Creation Series
Video Living From Done Pt.2 06-07-15
Audio Living From Done Pt.2 06-07-15 
Video Living From Done 05-31-15
Audio Living From Done 05-31-15 
Video Two Seeds Sown Into Mankind 05-24-15
Audio Two Seeds Sown Into Mankind 05-24-15 
Video All Things New 05-17-15
Audio All Things New 05-17-15 

Born Again To An Inheritance Series 
Video The Walking Living 05-10-15
Audio The Walking Living 05-10-15 
Video The Walking Dead Pt.4 05-03-15
Audio The Walking Dead Pt.4 05-03-15 
Video The Walking Dead Pt.3 04-26-15
Audio The Walking Dead Pt.3 04-26-15 
Video The Walking Dead Pt.2 04-19-15
Audio The Walking Dead Pt.2 04-19-15 
Video The Walking Dead Pt.1 04-12-15
Audio The Walking Dead Pt.1 04-12-15
Video Raised to What? Easter 2015
Audio Raised To What? Easter 2015
Video Born Again To Heaven Not Earth-3 03-29-15
Audio Born Again To Heaven Not Earth-.3 03-29-15
Video Born Again To Heaven Not Earth-2 03-22-15
Audio Born Again To Heaven Not Earth-2 03-22-15 
Video Born Again To Heaven Not Earth 03-15-15
Audio Born Again To Heaven Not Earth 03-15-15 
Video Born Again To An Inheritance 03-08-15
Audio Born Again To An Inheritance 03-08-15

Dominion Series 
Video Born To Reign 03-01-15
Audio Born To Reign 03-01-15 
Video The Dominion Mandate Pt.2 02-08-14
Audio The Dominion Mandate Pt.2 02-08-14
Video The Dominion Mandate Intro 02-01-15
Audio  The Dominion Mandate Intro 02-01-15
Video Restore: Our Mandate 01-25-15
Audio Restore: Our Mandate 01-25-15
Video  The Glory Within Pt.2 01-18-15
Audio The Glory Within Pt.2 01-18-15 
Video The Glory Within Us 01-11-14
Audio The Glory Within Us 01-11-14
Video No Crisis In Christ 01-04-15
Audio No Crisis In Christ 01-04-15


NeXT (Series) 
Video Next Part 11 12-28-14
Audio Next Part 11 12-28-14
Video Next Part 10 12-21-14
Audio Next Part 10 12-21-14
Video Next Part 9 12-14-14
Audio ​ Next Part 9 12-14-14
Video Next Part 8 12-07-14
Audio Next Part 8 12-07-14
Video Next Part 7 11-30-14
Audio Next Part 7 11-30-14
Video Next Part 6 11-23-14
Audio Next Part 6 11-23-14
Video Next Part 5 11-16-14
Audio Next Part 5 11-16-14
Video NeXT Part 4 11-09-14
Audio NeXT Part 4 11-09-14
Video Next Part 3 11-02-14
Audio Next Part 3 11-02-14
Video Next Part 2 10-26-14
Audio NeXT Part 2 10-26-14
Video NeXT 10-19-14
Audio NeXT 10-19-14

Trust: Our Only Response (Series)
Video Cheer Up God Is In Control 10-12-14
Audio Cheer Up God Is In Control 10-12-14
Video Why Pray? 10-05-14
Audio Why Pray? 10-05-14
Video Why Ask Why? 09-28-14
Audio Why Ask Why? 09-28-14
Video Trials:A Faith Refresher 09-21-14
Audio Trials:A Faith Refresher 09-21-14
Video Promises With A Catch 09-14-14
Audio Promises With A Catch 09-14-14
Video Why Is Life So Hard? 09-07-14
Audio Why Is Life So Hard? 09-07-14

Stuck In Humanity (Series)
Video Why Is Life So Hard? 09-07-14
Audio Why Is Life So Hard? 09-07-14
Video Is God About Making Us Happy? 08-31-14
Audio Is God About Making Us Happy? 08-31-14
Video Burned By Many Voices 08-24-14
Audio Burned By Many Voices 08-24-14
Video His Voice Will Navigate Us 08-17-14
Audio His Voice Will Navigate Us 08-17-14
Video Living By Hearing Pt2 08-10-14
Audio Living By Hearing Pt2 08-10-14
Video Living By Hearing 08-03-14
Audio Living By Hearing 08-03-14 
Video Coming Out Of Backwards Living 07-27-14
Audio Coming Out Of Backwards Living 07-27-14
Video Perverted Living 07-20-14
Audio Perverted Living 07-20-14
Video Perverting The Gospel 07-13-14
Audio Perverting The Gospel 07-13-14 
Video Dead And Alive 07-06-14
Audio Dead And Alive 07-06-14
Video The Body Of Death 06-29-14
Audio The Body Of Death 06-29-14
Video Death To Doing PT.2 06-22-14
Audio Death To Doing PT.2 06-22-14
Video Death To Doing 06-15-14
Audio Death To Doing 06-15-14
Video The Power Of Death 06-08-14
Audio The Power Of Death 06-08-14
Video The Flesh, Cross And Salvation 05-25-14
Audio The Flesh, Cross And Salvation 05-25-14 
Video In Adam Vs In Christ 05-18-14
Audio In Adam Vs In Christ 05-18-14 
Video Mother's In Christ 05-11-14
Audio Mother's In Christ 05-11-14
Video Stuck In Humanity Pt.2 05-04-14
Audio Stuck In Humanity Pt.2 05-04-14 
Video Stuck In Humanity Intro 04-27-14
Audio Stuck In Humanity Intro 04-27-14

Deep Calleth Unto Deep Series
Video The Undisputed Truth (Easter) 04-20-14
Audio The Undisputed Truth (Easter) 04-20-14
Video Breaking Through Religious Works 04-06-4
Audio Breaking Through Religious Works 04-06-14 
Video The Faith Of Christ 03-30-14
Audio The Faith Of Christ 03-30-14
Video Radical Trust Pt.4 03-23-14
Audio Radical Trust Pt.4 03-23-14
Video Radical Trust Pt.3 03-16-14
Audio Radical Trust Pt.3 03-16-14
Video Radical Trust Pt.2 03-09-14
Audio Radical Trust Pt.2 03-09-14
Video Radical Trust - Intro 03-02-14
Audio Radical Trust - Intro 03-02-14
Video Last Things Last Part 2 02-23-14
Audio Last Things Last Part 2 02-23-14 
Video Last Things Last 02-16-14
Audio Last Things Last 02-16-14
Video First Things First Part 2 02-09-14
Audio First Things First Part 2 02-09-14
Video First Things First 02-02-14
Audio First Things First 02-02-14

 Manifesting The Kingdom Series Con't

Video Pressing Through Pressure 01-19-14
Audio Pressing Through Pressure 01-19-14
Video How To Deal And Survive Pressure 01-12-14
Audio How To Deal And Survive Pressure 01-12-14
Video Manifesting A Different Spirit 01-05-14
Audio Manifesting A Different Spirit 01-05-14

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