What Is Kingdom Christianity? 

What Is The Bridal Paradgm? 

Below are teachings (2 Series) that expond on these topics, they both are in-complete without the other. In a nutshell Kingdom Christianity is partnering with the Bridegroom (Jesus) in advancing the rule and reign of God (The Kingdom)  on Earth as it is in Heaven.



Video  Back To & Beyond Ths Garden-1
Video  Praying That Gets Results
Video  Getting Your Vision (Pre-Adam)  
Video  The Divine Matrix  
Video  Switched At Birth  
Video  It's A Kingdom Not A Religion 

Video  Putting The Super Into The Natural
Video  Quickening Of The Spiri
Video  Bringing Order To Your Chaos

Video Kingdom Christianity

The Restoration Of All Things

Video  On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Video  Kingdom Authority On Earth

Video  Canaan-God's Best

The Trinity - The Godhead

Video  The Vicarious Humanity Of Jesus

Video  The Vicarious Jesus - Renewed Mind

Video  The Trinity - Living From The Godhead

Video  Back To The Godhead

Video  Rediscovering Your Starting Point

Video  The Trinity Extended/Experienced

Video God's Actions-Causative Or Permissive

Video Incarnation-Living The Trinitarian Life

Video Christocentric: Are You Centered?

Video  God's Plan For Man

Video  The All-Inclusive Christ

Video Praying That Gets Results (Part 2)

Video What God Starts He Finishes

V- Despise Not The Day Of Small Beginnings

Video The Trinitarian Life (Intro)

BRIDAL Paradigm Messages
(Intimany and Passion of the Bride)
Video  Gain Christ - Suffer Loss

Video  Man Made Or God
Video  In His Presence Is Face To Face-3
Video  In His Presence Is Fullness
​Video  Presence Led-Face To Face-2 
Video Presence Led Not Purpose Driven

Video A Church Deserves Its Pastor - Zadok
Video  Encountering God
Video Fresh Oil 
Video 10 Virgins Parable
Video 10 Virgins Parable Part 
Video His Desire Is For You
Video First Love Restored
Video The Bride-Gods Eternal Purpose
Video  The Friends Of The Bridegroom
Video Wholehearted Devotion

​BRIDAL Partnership Messages
(Discipleship and Stewardship of the Bride)

Video  Amening The Teachings Of Jesus​-1
Video  Amening The Teachings Of Jesus-2
Video  Amening The Teachings Of Jesus-3
Video  Amening The Teachings Of Jesus-4
Video  Amening The Teachings Of Jesus-5
Video  Amening The Teachings Of Jesus-6

​BRIDAL Call And Destiny
(Purpose and Plans of God for the Bride)

Video  Purposed!

Video  By Him You Are...
Video  God Planted You For Him
Video  The Power Of Purpose
Video  The Cost Of Your Calling
Video Purpose Is Bridal Preparation
Video His Workmanship - His Purpose
Video  God's Purpose YOU Will Prevail
Video  We Walk Receiving Our Inheritance
Video We Pray According To God's    

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