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Video Come To Jesus, Get A Free IPAD

Audio  Come To Jesus, Get A Free IPAD

Video  The Law Of Faith(Intro)  09.01.17

Audio  The Law Of Faith (Intro)  09.01.17

V- God Watches Over His Word To You8.18.17

A-God Watches Over His Word To You8.18.17

Video  What's Your Ending?  07.07.17

Audio  What's Your Ending?  07.07.17

Law And Gospel Series

Continued From Sunday Morning

Video  Path Of Progress-7  09.20.17

Audio Path Of Progress-7  09.20.17

Video  Path Of Progress-6  09.12.17

Audio  Path Of Progress-6  09.12.17

Video  Path Of Progress-5  08.31.17

Audio  Path Of Progress-5  08.31.17

Video  Path Of Progress-408.17.17

Audio  Path Of Progress-4 08.17.17

Video  Path Of Progress-3  08.09.17

Audio Path Of Progress-3 08.09.17

Video  Path Of Progress-2 08.02.17

Audio  Path Of Progress-2  08.02.17

Video  Path Of Progress  07.26.17

Audio  Path Of Progress  07.26.17

Video  Life In The Spirit  07.19.17

Audio  Life In The Spirit  07.19.17

Video  Flesh Or Spirit?  07.13.17

Audio  Flesh Or Spirit?  07.13.17

Video No Law (Part 5)  07.06.17

Audio No Law (Part 5)  07.06.17

Video  No Law (Part 4)  06.29.17

Audio  No Law (Part 4)  06.29.17

Video  No Law (Part 3)  06.21.17

Audio  No Law (Part 3)  06.21.17

Video  No Law Part 2  06.14.17

Audio  No Law Part 2  06.14.17

Video  No Law Part 1  06.07.17

Audio  No Law Part 1  06.07.17

Video  Dead To The Law 05.31.17

Audio  Dead To The Law  05.31.17

Video  Stay Out Of The Tent (part 2)  05.24.17

Audio  Stay out Of The Tent (part 2)  05.24.17

Video  Stay Out Of The Tent  05.17.17
Audio  Stay Out Of The Tent  05.17.17

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Radio Broadcast 2006-2015

Jesus Vs The Tower Of Babel  05.01.13

The Mark Of The Beast Part 1 (2007)
The Mark Of The Beast Part 2   '07
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The Cross - Intro Part 2 )2of2)
The Cross - Embracing Our Death (1of2)
The Cross - Embracing Our Death (2of2)
The Cross Is Foolishness Pt1
The Cross Is Foolishness Pt2
The Way In Is The Way On Pt1
The Way In Is The Way On Pt2
Staying The Course Of Your Dream
Ruined By His Word
Ruined By God
Being Bound By God
The Life Of Confession Pt.1
Restore Point: Faith And Promise
Confidence Misplaced 
All Things Work Together For Good Part 1
All Things Work Together For Good Part 2
Dead Works
Who Is In Control Anyway?
God Vs. Evil
Not According To Me

His Voice Your Faith His Rset
The Uncondtionalism Of God

AW Pink On Faith Pt.2
AW Pink On Faith PT.1
Abiding In Christ Alone

What To Do With The Fallen-2
What To Do With The Fallen-1
Selling Out The Dream
Faith's Responsibility-1
Faith's Responsibility-2
Faith's Response To God
Gleanings On God's Righteousness
Breaking The Sin Consiousness-1
Breaking The Sin Consciousness-2
Understanding Our Placement And Divinity
Empty Hands Or Empty Heads
The Spirit Of Sonship
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Tough To Trust God Pt1
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Tough To Trust God Pt5

Saints Gone Wild
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Rescuing All Hope 
Justice Or Mercy 
Will There Be A Pot Of Gold 
Becoming By Beholding
So You Got What You Wanted

Your Not Sybil
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Rejection-How To Handle It
Boasting Is Excluded
Heavenly Manna
But For The Grace Of God...
Navigating Through Life
The Bridegroom Is Here
I'm Not Your Holy Spirit
Missing Ingredients To The New Covenant 
Repentance Is Wonderful 
My Sheep Hear My Voice 
As He Is So Are We 
No Faith Is Sin 
There Is No Curse 
Faith In Promise, The Only Way To Live 
Partaking Of Christ And His Promise 
Aborting The Life Of Christ And The Promise 
Faith Works 
Led By The Spirit 
Ground Hog Day 
Dividing The Old From The New Testament 
Dividing The Old From The New Testament Pt2 
Never Say Die
Parrot Or Sign Post