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Chapter 3
Called W/Grace Gifts (3:7-8)
Prisoner Of The Lord (3:1-13)

Chapter 2
The New Man (2:13-22)
No Strangers To Promise (2:11-12)
We Are His Poem (2:10)
Paradox Of Sitting (2:6)
Salvation By Grace (2:1-5)

Chapter 1
Christ Fills All In All (1:21-23)
The Power Of God (1:19-20)
Spirit Of Revelation (1:15-18)
Sealed And Appointed To Praise (1:12-13)
He Works All Things Together(1:11)
All Wisdom And Mysteries(1:8)
Redeemed And Favored (1:7)
Predestined And Adopted (1:4)
Eulogized And Blessed (1:3)
Grace And Peace For The Saints (1:1-2)


God's Nature To Heal
Symbols Of Christ
Take Up Thy Bed
Wheat,Wine And Oil
Two Emblems
No Perfection Here
Tough Shoes
The Passover-1
It's About Promise
The Table Of The Lord
The Brazen Serpent
Perverted Communion
Faith Is Required
Power Present At The Table
One Sacrifice-70AD
Speak To The Rock


Songs Of Deliverance
Begin At The Beginning
Be Still And Know God
Sing A New Song
Ordained Praise
The Word Will Test Us
He Sent His Word
Speak The Word Of Faith To Yourself
Psalm 73 - Run To The Sanctuary
Thy Word Is Settled
His Covenant He Will Not Break
Roll Your Burden
Surrounded By Favor
Safety By His Faithfulness
Limiting The Holy One Of Israel
God Is Mindful Of Us
His Plans For You Will Endure
Work Hard At Not Working
An Undivided Heart
Psalm 1 Vs 1-3
Psalm 1 Vs 6, 37 vs 25
Psalm 3 Vs 1-8


God Moves In The Midst Of Strength

Desire Pure Milk
Taking Dominion Over Self
What It Means To Trust The Spirit Over The Flesh
Now Faith Has Come
Before Faith What-Pt2 
Before Faith What? 
Faith, Obedience Are The Same
Promise Stimulates Faith
Law Vs Promise
Be A Hero Of Faith
Mary's Faith
Now Faith Has Come
All By Myself
Promise Led
Lift Up Now And Speak
Whose Side Is God On?
Dreams And Assignments
Some Thoughts Concerning H1N1
Jesus Our Joshua
Not An Easy Gospel
Three Offerings Of The NT
I'm Not A Friend Of God
Renewed Faith In God's Power
Discerning Personal Prophecy
Hilarious Giving
Grace And Faith Finally Together
How To Witness Pt.2
The Power Of God's Word-4
The Power Of God's Word-3
The Power Of God's Word-2
The Power Of God's Word-1
By Grace Through Faith-2
ByGrace Through Faith-1
O Ye Of Liitle Faith
Redeemed From The Curse
How To Witness
When God Speaks
Motivated By The Law
Gaining Revelation Of Christ
No Law Equals Great Faith
His Yoke Is Rest
The Devil And His Wrenches
Truth Is Hard To Find
Communion:The Blood Qualifies
The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
Seeking God - Line Upon Line
Confidence With Direction
Nevermind God Is Faithful
You Have The Kingdom And Righteousness
No Confidence, Condemnation
The Work Is The Potter's


The Faithful Witness
The Realm Of Possible With God
Satan's Conflict With The Seed Pt.2
Satan's Conflict With The Seed
Spiritual Warfare 101

Faith In The Spirit Realm
The Spiritual Man
Learning Inner Navigation
Closing The Book On Judgment
Opening The Book On Blessing
Total Surrender To The Spirit
The Measure Of Hearing And Receiving
Disciples That Excel In God's Will
Disciples That Excel In God's Will Pt.2
Christ Our Life And Journey
It Statrs With The Incarnation
It's A Shared Life
The Struggle Of Knowing
Damn The Circumstance-Go Forward!
God's Word Is His Oath To Us
Deliver Me, But Let Me Keep My Pigs
One Place Too Long
Our Exceedingly Great Reward
God Deals According To Promise Not Performance
Speak The Word From The Spirit
Interruptions Of The Spirit
God Demonstrates His Righteousness
At Thy Word Launch!
Jesus And The Abrahamic, Mosaic Covenant
Grace, Faith And Reconciliation
Promised Shaking For The Finest Of Wheat
Obedience Of Faith
Seeing Is Not Believing 
The Enemies Battlefield 
The Revelation Anointing

All Things Are Yours-NOW Series
Faith In The Kingdom
Constitution Of The Kingdom
NOW Is Our Inheritance
Seeing Into The Spirit Realm
Faith Over Time And Space

Religion Kills
Does Reading The Bible Frustrate You
Does Brow Beating With The Bible Work?
Jesus And A Adultere, Prostitute And Homosexual
Does Your Lifestyle Make You Righteous?
No Regrets
The Truth Behind Ananias And Sapphira

Experiencing Jesus - New Covenant Style

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