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Let The Dead Bury The Dead

God's Recipe For Heaven On Earth

Monkey See Monkey Do - Living The Supernatural 

The Fruit Of Your Lips - Book Of Remembrance

VideoAccessing The Heavenlies

Video  The Atmosphere Of Heaven

VideoThe Least Is The Greater

Video  The Mark Of The Beast - 666

VideoLiving The Very Nature Of Christ

VideoChrist The Sum Of All Things Part 2

VideoBack To Christ - Christ Sum Of All

Video  Discernment-Know Them By Their fruit

Video  Sound Doctrine In A Cancel Culture

Video  Unmasking Strongholds

Video Jesus Or Barabbas?

Video  Victim Or Victor Part 2

Video  Stringholds Over America And YouPart 2

Video Stronholds Over America And The Church

Video  Fill Your Horn With Oil

VideoAnother Way To Use The Sword Of The Spirit

VideoBehind The Scenes Of Spiritual Warfare

Video The Remnant Speaks

Video  Warring With The Word In Our Mouths

Video See No Evil Hear No Evil

Video  Saved By His Life

Video God Government Or Both

Video Let God Be True, But Every Man A Liar

Video  Do Not Close Church Over This Virus

Video  Did God Send The Corona Virus?

VideoAngel Of Light-Invisible War

Video I'm A False Teacher

VideoTaking The Cap Off

Spiritual Warfare/Conquest Series

​The Invisible War - Clash Of 2 Kingdoms

Obtaining A Warrior Spirit (Part 1)

Obtaining A Warrior Spirit (Part 2)

Saved By His Life (Podcast)

God And Government (Podcast)

Job's A Contrast - Identifying The Enemy

Job's A Contrst -2  Covenant-Mephibosheth

Obtaining A Warrior Spirit -3 The Will To War

Warring With The Word In Our Mouths

Job's A Contrast (Part3) Satan's Tactics

The Tower Of Babel (Revisited)

The Remnant Speaks

Job's A Contrast (Part 4) Binding The Strongman

According To Your Faith - The Shield Of Faith

Behind The Scenes Of Warfare

Having Done All Stand

Stand Or Fall-Battling Witchcraft

Another Way To Use The Sword Of The Spirit

Wrestling Spirits In The Armor Of God

Jesus' 2nd Temptation "Jump" Stand Or Fall Series

Fill Your Horn With Oil

His Strength, His Armor, His Rest

Taking The Easy Way Out - Jsus 3rd Temptation

Strongholds Over America And The Church

The Armor Of God - The Belt of Truth

The War On Your Life - Waging A Good Warfare

Strongholds Over America And Your Life Part 2

The Belt Of Truth Part 2 - Truth Under Fire

The War On Your Life Pt.2 Victim Or Victor?

Victim Or Victor Part 2

The Breastplate Of Righteousness

Victors With Destiny-No Longer A Victim

Jesus Or Barabbas?

Feet Shod With The Prep. Of The Gospel Of Peace


Unmasking Strongholds

The Shield Of Faith

Centered in Truth - Helmet Of Salvation Intro

Sound Doctrine In A Cancel Culture

The Helmet Of Salvation

Discernment-Know Them By Their Fruit

The Sword Of The Spirit

Back To Christ


The Holy Spirit And Power

The Atmosphere Of Heaven

Living The Power And Ministry Of Christ

Understanding The Purpose And Use

Spiritual Gifts Of Revelation - The Mind Gifts

Inspirational Gifts - The Vocal Gifts

The Gifts Of Power - The Working Gifts

Reformation Network

Experiencing Jesus - New Covenant Style