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The New Covenant Series 

NOTE: Listen in the order they appear

Volume 1 (Introduction)

Video There Were Two Trees In The Garden

Audio There Were Two Trees In The Garden

Video  The Ministry Of Righteousness

Audio  The Ministry Of Righteousness 

Video  Through The Eyes Of Covenant 

Audio  Through The Eyes Of Covenant 

Video Through The Eyes Of Covenant-2

Audio  Through The Eyes Of Covenant-2

Video  No Judgment

Audio  No Judgment

Video  Through The Eyes Of Covenant-3

Audio  Through The Eyes Of Covenant-3

Video  Misunderstanding Covenant

Audio  Misunderstanding Covenant 

Video  Children Of Promise-Abrahamic Covenant

Audio  Children Of Promise-Abrahamic Covenant

Video Children Of Promise Part 2

Audio  Children Of Promise Part 2

Video John The Baptist Had To Go

Audio  John The Baptist Had To Go

Video Oneness With God

Audio  Oneness With God

Video  Effortless Change  

Audio  Effortless Change

Video  Entering Into His Rest

Audio  Entering Into His Rest

Volume 2 (Intermidiate)

Video  Living From Nature

Audio  Living From Nature

Video  The New Husband

Audio The New Husband

Video  Deliverance From The Law

Audio  Deliverance From The Law

Video The Law Of The Spirit

Audio The Law Of The Spirit

Video  Walking In The Spirit 

Audio Walking In The Spirit

Video The Law Of The Spirit And Faith

Audio  The Law Of The Spirit And Faith

Video Walking In The Spirit-Speak The Word

Audio  Walking In The Spirit-Speak The Word

Video Walk By Receiving

Audio  Walk By Receiving

Video Mephibosheth (Our Covenant Rights)

Audio Mephibosheth (Our Covenant Rights)

Video  Who Am I ?

Audio  Who Am I ?

Video  Perverting The Gospel

Audio  Perverting The Gospel

Video Sit, Walk, Stand-How To Live God

Audio  Sit, Walk, Stand-How To Live God

Video  Living New Covenant Faith

Audio  Living New Covenant Faith

Volume 3 (Advanced)

His New And Living Way

Realities From The Finished Work

Video New And Living Way (Part 1)

Audio New And Living Way (Part 1)

Video  Death - The Way We Were

Audio  Death - The Way We Were

Video  Death - Our Victory And Freedom

Audio  Death - Our Victory And Freedom

Video  The Walking Dead

Audio The Walking Dead

Video Jesus Death Ended All Conflict

(Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law)

Audio Jesus Death Ended All Conflict

Video  Jesus Death Ended All Conflict-2

(Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law)

Audio  Jesus Death Ended All Conflict-2

Video His Death Ended Our Humanity

Audio  His Death Ended Our Humanity

Video  Risen In Power

Audio  Risen In Power

Video  His Ascension

Audio His Ascension

Video  Living The Ascended Life

Audio Living The Ascended Life 

Video  The Blood (Part 1) Introduction

Audio  The Blood (Part 1) Introduction

Video  The Blood Purges Part 2

Audio  The Blood Purges Part 2

Video  Blood Covenant Part 3

Audio  Blood Covenant Part 3

Video  His Name (Part 1) Intro

Audio  His Name (Part 1) Intro

Video  His Name (Part 2)

Audio His Name (Part 2)

Video  His Name (Part 3) Power Of Attorney

Audio  His Name (Part 3) Power Of Attorney

Video  His Life (Part 1)

Audio  His Life (Part 1)

Video  His Life (Part 2) The Shared Life

Audio His Life (Part 2) The Shared Life

Video  His Life-3 The Transformed Life

Audio  His Life-3 The Transformed Life

Video  His Life-4 Manifesting Christ

Audio  His Life-4 Manifesting Christ

Video  His Utterance

Audio  His Utterance

Galatians Series 

Verse By Verse

Chapter 6

Restoring The Fallen (6:1)
Bear Each Other's Burdens (5:2-5)
Sowing The Word (5:6-10)
Persecuted Because Of Grace (5:11-18)
Persecuted Because Of Freedom (5:11-18)

Chapter 5

Stay Free (5:1)
Fallen From Grace (5:1-6)
A Little Leaven (5:7-12)
Opportunity Of The Flesh (5:13)
Opportunity Of The Flesh Part 2 (5:13-16)
Walking In The Spirit (5:16)
Walking In The Spiirt Pt.2 (5:16)
Walking In The Spirit Pt.3 (5:16-23)
Eternally Secured (5:16-23)
Walking In Grace (5:26)
The Flesh Has Been Crucified (5:24)
The Flesh Has Been Crucified Pt.2 (5:24)
The Flesh Has Been Crucified Pt.3 (5:24-6:1)

Chapter 4

Free From Ordinances (4:1-11)
Cast The Bondwoman Out (4:12-31)
Cast The Bondwoman Out Part 2 (4:21-31) 

 Chapter 3 

It's By Promise Alone Part 2 (3:19)
It's By Promise Alone (3:13-18)
Established In Righteousness (3:13-14)
Paul Vs James Part 8 (3:12)
Paul Vs James Part 7 (3:12)
Paul Vs James Part 6 (3:12)
Paul Vs James Part 5 (3:12)
Paul Vs James Part 4 (3:12)
Paul Vs James Part 3 (3:12)
Paul Vs James Part 2 (3:12)
Paul Vs James Part 1 (3:12)
Not According To Works Pt2 (3:10-12)
Not According To Works Pt1 (3:10-11)
According To Abraham Father Of Faith (3:6-9)
Miracles By Faith Alone Not Works (3:5)
How Did You Receive The Spirit (3:2-4)
Who Has Bewitched You Pt 2 (3:1)
Who Has Bewitched You Pt 1 (3:1)

Chapter 2

Faith Does Not Frustrate Grace Works Do (2:20-21)
Dead To The Law-3 (2:19)
Dead To The Law-2 (2:19)
Dead To The Law (2:19)
The Law Is Not An Option-2 (2:17-18)
The Law Is Not An Option (2:17-18
Seeking Justification By The Law-6 (2:17)
Seeking Justification By The Law-5 (2:17)
Seeking Justification By The Law-4 (2:17)
Seeking Justification By The Law-3 (2:17)
Seeking Justification By The Law-2 (2:17)
Seeking Justification By The Law-1(2:17)
The Works Of The Law -3 (2:16)
The Works Of The Law-2 (2:16)
The Works Of The Law-1 (2:16)
Peter Plays The Hypocrite (2:1-15)

Chapter 1
Perverts Perverting The Gospel (1:6-24)
The Gospel Of Peace (1:3)
Grace Is The Message (1:3)
Paul-The Sent One (1:1-2)
Paul The Man (1:1)
Intro Pt.2
Intro Pt.1 

Romans Series

Verse By Verse

Chapter 8
Christ Instead Of Law (8:3, 7:13-25)
The Law Was Replaced (8:3)
What The Law Could Not Do-1 (8:3)
The Law Of The Spirit-3 (8:2)
Condemnation Vs Life-2 (8:1-2)
Condemnation Vs Life (8:1-2)
The Law Of The Spirit-2 (8:2)
The Law Of The Spirit-1 (8:2)
No Condemnation-4 (8:1)
No Condemnation-3 (8:1)
No Condenmation-2 (8:1)
No Condemnation-1 (8:1)

Chapter 7
Is The Law Bad-8 (7:15-25)
Is The Law Bad-7 (7:7)
Is The Law Bad-6 (7:10-14)
Is The Law Bad-5 (7:9-12)
Is The Law Bad 4 (7:10-11)
Is The Law Bad 3 (7:9)
Is The Law Bad-2 (7:7-8) 
Is The Law Bad-1 (7:7)
Letter Of The Law-4 (7:6)
Letter Of The Law-3 (7:6)
Letter Of The Law-2 (7:6)
Letter Of The Law-1 (7:6)
Dead To The Law-6 (7:4-5)
Dead To The Law-5 (7:4-5)
Dead To The Law-4 (7:4-5)
Dead To The Law-3 (7:4-5)
Dead To The Law-2 (7:5)
Dead To The Law-1 (7:5)
The Law Has No Jurisdiction (7:4)
Married To Another (7:1-3)
Rom 7 Intro-4 
Rom 7 Intro-3
Rom 7 Intro-2
Rom 7 Intro-1 

Chapter 6
Yielding-4 (6-12-23)
Yielding-3 (6-12-23)
Yielding-2 (6-12-23)
Yielding-1 (6-12-23)
Reckoning-4 (6:11)
Reckoning-3 (6:11)
Reckoning-2 (6:11)
Reckoning-1 (6:11)
Knowing-3 (6:6-10)
Knowing-2 (6:6-10)
Knowing-1 (6:6-10)
What Is Not Prescribed (6:6-10)
Put Your Death In The Past (6:6-10)
No More Old Man (6:6)
In Christ Defined (1 Cor.1:30)  
Intro 5 (6:1-5)
Intro 4 (6:1-5)
Intro 3 (6:1-5)
Intro 2 (6:1-5)
Intro 1 (6:1-5)

Chapter 5
The Conviction Of Righteousness (5:19-21)
Reigning In Righteousness (5:17-18)
In Adam All Condemned (5:12-17)
Benefits Of Justification (5:1-11)

Chapter 4
Justified And Righteous By Faith Alone (4:22-25)
Example Of Abraham's Faith-2 (4:17-21)
Example Of Abraham's Faith (4:17-21)
By Faith And Grace (4:16)
By Faith Not Works (4:15-16)
Abraham Made Right By Faith (4:9-14)
Sins Are Covered Forever (4:6-8)
No Longer Imputing Sin (4:6-8)
Imputation Of Righteousness-1(4:6-8)
Justification By Not Working (4:5)
Justification Not By Works (4:4-5) 
Justification By Faith (4:1-3)

Chapter 3
Faith Is The Way Not Law (3:28-31)
There Is No Boasting (3:27)
Faith In The Blood Justifies (3:25-26)
Faith Brings Justification (3:24)
Works Fall Short (3:23)
Righteous By Faith Not Works (3:22)
Righteous By Faith (3:22)
Righteous Apart From Law (3:21)
Righteous Apart From Works (3:21)
All Have Sinned (3:1-24)

Chapter 2
The Self-Righteous Are Guilty (2:1-29)

Chapter 1
The Wicked Are Guilty (1:18-32)
By Faith The Just Shall Live Part 2 (1:17)
By Faith The Just Shall Live (1:16-17)
The Just Shall Live By Faith (1:16-17)
The Gospel: Righteousness Revealed (1:16-17)
Not Ashamed Of The Gospel (1:16-17)
Intro: (1-15)