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The Cross - Christology - Spirit Soul And Body - Life In The Spirit Series, The Trinity And The Trinitarian Life And Faith, Knowing God Series Plus Misc. Teachings From Our Bible Study.

The Cross Of Christ

These Messages Are Designed To Reveal All That Jesus Died And Raised Us To, "The New And Living Way" And To Unveil Your New Identity In Him. The Following Are Eight New Covenant Realities That Result From The Finished Work That We Are Called To Walk In. Note: These Messages Are Audio Only Or Video From Radio And Our Church Services.

The Cross

Video  Is The Cross Relevant Today?

Video  The Way And Why Of The Cross

Video  Positioning Yourself In The Cross

Video  Positioning Yourself In The Cross-2

Video  We Are A Product Of A Perfect Sacrifice

Video  Living God - Not For God

His Death 
Video  Death - The Way We Were
Video  Death - Our Victory And Freedom
Video  The Walking Dead

His Burial

Video  The Curse Is Reversed

Video  Jesus Death Ended All Conflict
(Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law)
Video  Jesus Death Ended All Conflict-2
(Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law)
Video  His Death Ended Our Humanity

His Resurrection

Video  Risen In Power

His Ascension

Video  His Ascension

Video  Living The Ascended Life

The Blood

Video  The Blood (Part 1) Intro

Video  The Blood Purges (Part 2)

Video  Blood Covenant (Part 3)

His Name

Video  His Name (Part 1) Intro

Video  His Name (Part 2)

Video  His Name (Part 3) Power Of Attorney

His Life In Us

Video  His Life (Part 1)

Video His Life (Part 2) The Shared Life

Video His Life-3 The Transformed Life

Video His Life-4 Manifesting Christ

Video  The Cross And The Spirit 

His Utterance

Video  His Utterance

Video  Curse Reversed-Speak From Finality
Video  Speak The Word (Part 1)  

Video  Speak The Word (Part 2)

Christology - 101

Video  Christology - Intro

Video  Christology - Part 2

VideoPsalm 91 For Difficult Times

Video  The Church Has Failed Us During This Crisis

Spirit Soul And Body Series
Video  Pre Adam - Our True Identity

Video  Adam And The Fall-Lost Identity

Video  Last Adam - The New You

Video  Saint Or Sinner

Video  Jekyll And Hyde

Video  Self-Help Or Transformed

Video Flesh Vs Spirit (Part 1) Who Are You?

Video  Your Spirit-The Dwelling Place Of God

Video  Your Spirit (Part 2)

Video  The Soul-Accessing The Spirit Realm

Video  The Soul Part 2 The Battleground

Video  The Soul - The Mind (Part 3)

Video  Perfected Forever

Video  Perfected Forever (Part 2)

Video  Preaching To The New Man-Intro

Video  Preaching To The New Man (1 of 2) Pt.2

Video  Preaching To The New Man (2 of 2) Pt.2

Video  Preaching To The New Man (Part 3)

Video  Life In The Spirit (Introduction)

Video  Hearing God - Life In The Spirit

Video  The Myth Of The Flesh-Life In The Spirit

Video  The Myth Of The Flesh (Part 2) 

Video  Much More or Much Less (Last Adam)

Video  Living Life From Death

Video Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome

Life In The Spirit Series

NOTE: This is a stand alone series, however it is best understood if you listen to Spirit Soul And Body Series Series First. This is the manifestation of the son's of God.

Video  Praying That Gets Results

Video Putting The Super Into The Natural

Video Quickening Of The Spirit

VideoBringing Order To Your Chaos

VideoKingdom Christianity

The Restoration Of All Things

Video  Kingdom Authority On Earth

Video  Canaan-God's Best

The Trinity - Godhead

Video  The Vicarious Humanity Of Jesus

Video  The Vicarious Jesus - Renewed Mind

Video  The Trinity - Living From The Godhead

Video Back To The Godhead

Video  Rediscovering Your Starting Point

Video  The Trinity Extended/Experienced

Video God's Actions-Causative Or Permissive

Video Incarnation-Living The Trinitarian Life

VideoChristocentric: Are You Centered?

Video  God's Plan For Man

Video The All-Inclusive Christ

Video No More Wilderness-The All-Inclusive Christ

Audio No More Wilderness-The All-Inclusive Christ

Video Praying That Gets Results(Part 2)

Video What God Starts He Finishes

V- Despise Not The Day Of Small Beginnings

The Trinitarian Life And Faith Series

Video The Trinitarian Life (Intro)

Video The Trinitarian Life Part 2 (Intro)

Video We Start At The Finish Line

V-Born Again Perfect-Restored ToThe Trinity

V- Upgrade - Go For The Gold

Video - Awakened To God's Life

V- Living The God Life - Knowing His Will

V-Perfect Vs Permissive Will Of God

Video  Contract Or Covenant 

Video Living By Faith In The Godhead-1

Video Living True Faith (Part 2)

Video  Living By Faith(Part 3)

Video  Faith Is Manifesting God

Video Ye Are gods, The Two Seedss

Video Living God In Every Area Of Life

Knowing God Series (A Study On God)

Knowing God - Intro

How To Study God

Is God In Control? (The Sovereignty God)

Providence - Our Reason For Rest

The Immutability Of God

Misc. Topics (Thursday Nite Bible Study)

Truth-Light Invading Darkness

Say Yes To The Dress

Speak To The Rock - The P:ower Of God's Word

Jesus High Priest Of Our Confession

Jesus High Priest Of Our Confession (Part 2)

Being Vs Doing - The Trap Of Legalism

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